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Haikyuu!  Movie Release Date: When to expect Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump to arrive in the US, UK and Canada

Haikyuu! Movie Release Date: When to expect Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump to arrive in the US, UK and Canada

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Haikyuu anime fans! I've been looking forward to the upcoming film since it was first announced several years ago. With the Japanese release date for Haikyuu! Movie: A Decisive Battle at the Dump Is Waiting Nearby Those of us in English-speaking countries are wondering when we'll be able to see Shoyo Hinata and the rest of the Karasuno High School volleyball team in action again.

When is Haikyuu! The movie: Decisive Battle at the Dump will be released in US/UK?

Instead of a final season to wrap up the story, Haikyuu! He is getting a pair of movies to cover the remaining chapters of the manga. The first of these films, Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump, is scheduled for release on February 16, 2024 in Japan. However, as of the time of writing, there are no details about an English release for Haikyuu! Movie: Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump.

This is not unusual for anime films. Often, there will be no news for weeks or even months before a subtitled or dubbed version of a film is announced, let alone released. With that in mind, fans will just need to be patient as they wait for the first Haikyuu! The film is to be released in their area. We don't expect to see an announcement about the dubbing until at least summer 2024.

If patience isn't your strong suit, you can spend time catching up on Haikyuu! Animations with our guide on how to watch them all. Every episode and OVA is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. Or you can move forward with the manga, which recently got a new chapter, on the Shonen Jump app.

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