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Gustav Bergman takes second place in the sprint race in the Czech Republic

Gustav Bergman takes second place in the sprint race in the Czech Republic

Emil Svensk, second place in the World Cup, was forced to stay away from today’s competition due to illness. Instead, Gustav Bergman became the best Swede with a time of 14.44 on the 4.0 km course with 22 controls.

– unbelievable. Great job by Gustav, says SVT sports expert Josephine Heika.

Bergman has been leading the competition for a while, and he himself is satisfied with his performance.

– it was good. “I did a good job technically all the way through and I think that showed in the result,” he says.

However, Ralph Street finished strongly to take a 14-second lead – and the 32-year-old Briton also took victory in the sprint.

Second place gives Bergman 80 points in the World Cup total, meaning he now sits in third place behind first place Kasper Haarlem Vosser and second place Mattias Kiebors.

Regborn was washed

After a strong finish, Martin Regbourne was able to finish the race in a time of 14.45 (which was enough for a joint third place), but was disqualified when he stepped on the wrong first controls.

– It’s damn sad. There are very few competitions in the World Cup, so it will now be difficult to keep up, says Regbourne, explaining how it went wrong:

– I thought there was something strange when I concluded. There were a lot of bushes, but then I didn’t think much of it. This is how you are no Will do. This is how you sink a World Cup podium finish.

SVT broadcasts the World Steering Cup – watch the women’s speed race here.

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Here, Martin Regbourne is absent from the podium

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