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Greta Dunberg is angry against the banks

Greta Dunberg is angry against the banks

On Saturday, the GOP26 Climate Summit will be held in Glasgow, Scotland. The idea is that representatives from 200 countries around the world will report on their efforts to reduce emissions by 2030.

Swedish climate activist Greta Dunberg will be in Glasgow when the meeting begins, although there are no official responsibilities. He achieves some hope that the meeting will really lead to change if world leaders continue to put pressure on climate issues.

Greta Dunberg protested Friday against the banks.

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Greta during the climate demonstration on Friday


Raging against the banks

But politicians are not the only ones on the world stage with high emissions and climate destruction. On Friday, Greta Dunberg and parts of the climate movement staged a demonstration against the World Financial Organization by sprinkling money on the fossil fuel sector.

The demonstration took place in central London.

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Protesters called on world banks and other financial institutions to stop lending to companies or other companies that use fossil fuels in the form of coal, oil or natural gas.

“Stop composting for destruction,” Dunberg added BBC Before the demonstration.

Britain wants to raise the voice of young people

On the agenda for the climate summit, the United Kingdom has stated that it wants to raise the “voice of the youth” by hosting various events during the summit to promote the UN Convention on Climate Change.

In addition, the countries will discuss the implications of the “Youth4Climate” climate summit held in Milan earlier this year. Greta Dunberg at a meeting mocking politicians for their climate slogans.

– These are empty words and promises, she said then.

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“Politicians will not change”
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