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Google stops using free G Suite

Google stops using free G Suite

The first Google G Suite cloud services were launched in a free version 16 years ago primarily targeting schools and businesses. The service was officially discontinued in 2012 and since then it has not been possible to create new accounts, however, existing users were allowed to keep their accounts and functionality under the old free version of G Suite.

The package includes large parts of Google’s cloud services, such as Google Docs, calendar features and not least Gmail. With the latter, it is also possible for users to use Gmail services with their own domain name. Now Google announces it They are also closing the free version In full as of June 1, 2022.

Users can upgrade themselves to a paid subscription to the commercial version of Google Workspace after G Suites, to retain the same features. Users who did not upgrade their account before May 1, 2022 will be automatically upgraded to a subscription that, according to Google, “corresponds to the functionality the user is currently using.”

If you do not perform a manual upgrade, or add a payment method, before July 1, the account will be closed until payment is made. Upon suspension for more than 60 days, the user loses access to the most important G Suites features, such as Gmail, Calendar, and Google Meet.

Google provides the ability to migrate certain data from G Suite for those who do not wish to upgrade their account. However, it seems that there is no possibility to easily transfer certain data to a normal free Google account. This includes, among other things, purchases in the Google Play Store App Store, data stored in Google Photos and the like – a concern for those users who have used G Suite primarily as individuals, for example to manage bulk accounts for several family members.

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