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EA is not satisfied with Battlefield 2042 - it could be a free title

EA is not satisfied with Battlefield 2042 – it could be a free title

EA and DICE launched Battlefield 2042 at the end of 2021, but the title hasn’t made much of an impact since then. User reviews on Steam are mostly negative, in part due to early performance issues. Sales numbers are down and players are looking forward to older titles, where, among other things, Battlefield 5 has a larger player base than the new title.

Overall, Battlefield 2042 has not been a hit with the audience yet, and even EA is said to be unhappy with the game. With a constantly decreasing player base, the publisher is said to be considering alternative solutions to increase the game’s popularity. This was stated by Tom Henderson, a Battlefield leaker on Twitter, who also added that EA is also exploring the possibility of making the game free to play.

It remains to be seen if EA actually thinks about this, but it isn’t necessarily something that would make the title more popular. In the short term, they risk dissatisfaction with users who have already paid for the game, the simplest version of which on Steam starts at 59 euros, which is 620 kroner. In the long run, the challenge remains to maintain a player base and not lose the initial interest that might arise if the title becomes free.

What makes you interested in getting Battlefield 2042 back?

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