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Google is reportedly working on an AI assistant exclusive to the Pixel

Google is reportedly working on an AI assistant exclusive to the Pixel

“Hey Pixie,…”

Illustration, not the actual Google Pixie.

It is publishing the information Which appears with the information that Google is working on a new digital assistant with the project name Pixie. The goal is to make Pixie, which is based on Google’s AI Bard, exclusive to Google’s Pixel models from cell phones to smartwatches. The first devices with the new AI assistant will be the upcoming Pixel 9 models.

Google has recently intensified its work in the field of artificial intelligence, especially with the launch of its artificial intelligence model, “Gemini.” They will also work with the more powerful Gemini Ultra and have already begun training the Gemini 2 AI model.

Google has already been experimenting with mobile AI with the Gemini Nano, a simplified version of Gemini adapted for mobile processors. It’s not clear if this is a step in the business with Pixie, or if the Gemini Nano is an experiment and Pixie is a business being built from the ground up.

Making Pixie exclusive to Pixel devices would provide opportunities to allow AI, and therefore the user, to leverage information from all Google services alongside AI, which wouldn’t necessarily be possible with devices from other manufacturers.

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