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Google Chat and Workspace is officially launched for everyone

Google Chat and Workspace is officially launched for everyone

Last fall, Google renamed its suite of apps from G Suite to Workspace. The goal of Workspace, as Google describes it, is “everything you need to get things done, in one place.”

Starting today, the entire workspace will be available to anyone with a Google account. Google talks about “a unified, integrated experience for all”. In other words, Workspace is no longer targeting only companies and organizations, but individuals as well. Those who activate Workspace should get better integration between different Google services.

Workspace activated by Start Google Chat in Gmail. Google mentioned Chat as a long-term alternative when the company first announced that Hangouts would be discontinued. During the summer, the chat will have many much-needed new features, as today the service is not as feature-rich as WhatsApp.

Chat will receive, among other things, threaded conversations, presence indicators, custom status messages, and new formats this summer.

By making Google Workspace for everyone, we’re making it easier for people to stay connected, organize, and get more together, whether it’s advancing a cause, planning your family reunion, mapping out next steps for a PTA or discussing this month’s book club pick.

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