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E3 games that show the next generation really exists

Battlefield 2042, Forza Horizon 5 and the console version of Flight Simulator make us drop our chin. Here are some of the coolest games featured at E3 Games Show.

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Xbox Cloud games

Before we talk about the biggest and coolest games we saw at this year’s E3 game show, it might be worth dedicating a few lines to Microsoft and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

In connection with E3, it has become known that their investment in game streaming, where a consumer can stream games directly from Microsoft’s Azure cloud, is accelerating sharply.


* The devices in the Azure cloud have now been replaced. Their most powerful console, the Xbox Series X, is replacing the Xbox One S.

* The company is working with TV manufacturers to offer Xbox Cloud Gaming as a TV app, and in addition, Microsoft will release a Chromecast style TV stick to enable cloud gaming in this way.

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* Cloud Gaming will soon be available on browsers like Edge, Chrome and Safari (beta version requires invite out now). This is an important step, as it is the only way so far for users who want to stream Xbox games on their iOS devices.

* Later this year, Xbox consoles will get Cloud Gaming. After that, it should be possible to test the games before deciding on a purchase.

How Sony intends to meet this massive investment in cloud gaming remains to be seen: The company is not participating in this year’s E3 trade show.

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Forza Horizon 5

Huge volcanoes, humid rainforests and threatening sandstorms: this year’s edition of the highly popular racing game Forza Horizon It takes place in Mexico. and graphics in . format Forza Horizon 5 It seems to explode with performance like the cars that have been played.

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This is one of the many new games that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (135 SEK per month) subscribers can access on premiere day and can also be streamed using Xbox Cloud Gaming.

infinite aura

The video game business model has changed since then Hello It debuted 20 years ago, and it’s remarkable how studio 343 Industries chose to deal with significant delays infinite aura. Half of the multiplayer game focused on during this year’s E3 will be free to cross-play. The former means that infinity The multiplayer promotion is free to download and get started with, but some features may be for a fee. The latter means that players can play with or against each other whether they are playing on Xbox or PC.

Battlefield 2042

There comes a point where you really see how powerful the new gaming console is compared to its model. And the Battlefield 2042 From Swedish studio Dice passes this point on with flying colours. With 128 players, huge maps, and changing and dramatic weather events, the first real video from the game is perhaps the most impressive to appear at E3.

Check out the video above and ask yourself if it’s not time to change controllers soon?

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to SkyrimAnd the DropsThe Bethesda studio has been serving a well-known role in the space for many years. But the now Microsoft-owned company has finally shown the first images starfield. If all goes well, the game will release on November 11, 2022. And no, unfortunately it won’t make it to Playstation 5.

flight simulator

The most exciting game of the past year, flight simulator, Such as We have written a lot about hereComing to Xbox Series X and S on July 27.


insultingAnd the victimArkane studio looks at its latest game, Redvale, their heroes direct from readers of Ni Technic: engineer, inventor, and biomedicine. Not that the game has any scientific ambitions: it seems that this is a set of مجموعة Fortnite Cartoon characters, 4 dead Action and a slave full of vampires.


Smugglers in Southeast Asia in the 1970s. Much more is unknown about the new Swedish shooter, which takes place in a large open world. Unlike avalanches Just a reasonthe game contraband From Microsoft, and therefore does not learn to come to other consoles.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

If the above trailer is anything to go by, Ubisoft slashed a lot of capital into a game that everyone forgot existed, and it’s based on a movie that no one talks about anymore. Could you pandora border Shake the James Cameron franchise?

elden ring

it’s called elden ring It has received additional attention due to George R.R. Martin’s involvement in the project. But most of all, it looks like it Evil spirits DNA spread across the open game world. Many fans of Japanese studio From Software are pretty hilarious anyway.

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