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Giving space to nature in the office (it can benefit the whole company)

Giving space to nature in the office (it can benefit the whole company)

Do you breathe easy in the woods? you are not alone. The human relationship with nature is deeply rooted in our DNA, and being in nature is good for both body and soul.
Stress levels drop, we recover better from daily challenges and recharge our batteries for another work week.

“visually and mentally satisfying”

But nature’s health effects don’t have to stop at the forest. In the modern office landscape, it is becoming increasingly popular to furnish according to the theory of hipster design.
Biophilia means “the love of nature,” and through carefully chosen interior details, many of the therapeutic effects we take on a walk can also benefit us in the workplace.

“Forests and nature are visually and mentally satisfying for us humans. Designing workplaces with this in mind is becoming increasingly popular,” says Anna Piliskalens.

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“This can be done directly, through plants, trees, air purifiers, sounds and smells – but also indirectly through materials, colours, textures and patterns.”

As a corporate interior designer, she works every day to create home and functional office environments for companies large and small alike. Thanks to the wide range of IKEA products, it is possible to find solutions for all needs.

This is how IKEA interior designers are bringing nature and the idea of ​​funky design to workplaces across Sweden:


“In today’s office environments, there is often a lot of noise, traffic, phones, people and conversations. It is not possible to expect that all people will be able to handle it and work effectively under these conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to control the acoustics with a combination of absorbent materials and materials The curtains act as sound absorbers and room dividers for those who want to sit more privately.”

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EILIF screen, free standing, grey/white SEK 1,596 excluding VAT

LÖNNSTÄVMAL Block-out curtains, 1 pair, beige, SEK 640 excl. VAT.

a light

“Good lighting keeps us alert and focused. The most important thing is to take advantage of natural light for the all-important daylight. Then you also have to secure general lighting and functional, directional lighting. And don’t forget about mood lighting!

NYMÅNE Work lamp with wireless charging, white, SEK 640 excl. VAT

Plants and materials

“Creativity and problem-solving both benefit from a desk full of plants. With an artificial botanical plate, it’s possible to decorate with plants that never wilt. Natural materials like wicker and rattan create a soft, harmonious expression in the workplace.

FEJKA ​Artificial plant, wall hanging, in/outdoor, green/purple, 26×26 cm, SEK 40, VAT excl.

Explanation Handmade rattan screen wall, SEK 1,595 excluding VAT


“A fresh indoor environment starts with good air. The IKEA STARKVIND side table has a built-in purifier that improves air quality. It can be controlled manually, set to automatic mode, or connected to the DIRIGERA hub for full control in the IKEA Home Smart app. We also work a lot With live plants, which can also help improve air quality.

STRONG WIND Table with air purifier, stained oak veneer/smart white, 1,596 SEK excluding VAT

Want to know more about how IKEA interior designers can help you? Contact them here!