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Giuliani on the house search: “They’re trying to put you in me”

Giuliani on the house search: “They’re trying to put you in me”

The home search is based on allegations that Giuliani, as the personal attorney of former President Donald Trump, carried out illegal lobbying activities in Ukraine on behalf of the Trump camp.

The FBI leans in its investigation against danger (the Foreign Agents Registration Act), which states that people who represent the United States politically abroad should be transparent about what they do there and how they operate.

Giuliani says he knows the law very well and has not broken it.

– They are trying to put me out there. They are trying to find something they can do for a crime, some technical violations, or some mistakes they’ve made, they say. In an interview with Fox News.

There is no chance they’ll have any evidence that I tried to influence the government on behalf of a client, he continues.

While searching the house, many were seized Electronic devices, including computers and phones. According to Giuliani’s lawyer Robert Costello, these matters are covered by confidentiality between the client and his legal representatives.

Based on constitutional rights, Giuliani is expected to try to block access to confiscated materials, CNN Reports.

Attorney Alan Dershowitz, who advises the former New York mayor, told CNN that he hopes Donald Trump will also go to court.

– I hope the people whose information is protected, like Donald Trump, get behind the mood and say, Listen, you can’t access my stuff, He says to the channel.

According to Giuliani, the effort was directed Against him precisely because he was previously Donald Trump’s attorney.

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The only lawyers questioned are Donald Trump’s lawyers. He says Trump is a special category because he does not have constitutional rights.

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