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Giant vegetable farmers star in the movie, modeled after Hot Fuzz

Giant vegetable farmers star in the movie, modeled after Hot Fuzz

Image source, Swedish Caroline

Comment on the photo, The film showcases competitive vegetable farmers in a mockumentary

  • author, Emma Grimshaw
  • roles, BBC News, West of England

Identical twin directors from Somerset hope to put the 'eccentric' town on the map with their new film, described by some as 'the next Hot Fuzz'.

Swedish Caroline exposes the strange and sometimes wonderful world of Somerset's giant vegetable growers.

Boris Thompson-Roylance, from Glastonbury, produced the film with his brother Jack. Boris said he wanted the film to “celebrate” the “eccentric characters” who live in rural Somerset.

Based in Shepton Mallet, viewers should expect plenty of twists and turns as the story follows a marrow farmer trying to uncover what happened to her stolen vegetables.

Image source, Swedish Caroline

Comment on the photo, Boris Thompson-Royles worked with his identical twin to produce the new film

Mr Thompson-Roylance said audiences could look forward to a mockumentary similar to The Office, with as much drama as Hot Fuzz.

Starring England's Joe Hartley, Shepton-Mallett takes center stage in the film, with the biggest scenes based on the town's vegetable competition.

“It celebrates the culture of customization – their passion and their drive. We say in the film that the top competitors are the rock stars – it's the Glastonbury Festival of big vegetable growing competitions,” Thomson Roylance told BBC Radio Somerset.

“Everyone wants a good British comedy – they don't come along very often. We consider it a national pride and Hot Fuzz has really captured everyone's hearts and we hope this one will do the same.”

Hot Fuzz Legacy

Although based in Shepton Mallet, much of it was filmed in Winchester. Appearing in a big movie can boost tourism in the city.

Siobhan Goodwin has been running Hot Fuzz walking tours for more than 15 years, and said the tours are more popular than ever.

Tourists travel hundreds of miles to visit Wales after seeing Somerset director Edgar Wright's masterpiece.

“He left a huge legacy for our city – not only because people come to see Hot Fuzz, but of course, he put us on the movie location map.

“Since then, a number of big Hollywood films have been made in Wales. This has brought a lot of money into the economy.”

Swedish Caroline is showing in 80 cinemas across the country.