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Getting’s heart-lung machine HL40 is also available for European hospitals

Getting’s heart-lung machine HL40 is also available for European hospitals

Inspired in collaboration with perfumers, Getting’s heart-lung machine HL40 is designed to increase safety and ensure maximum operating time for heart surgery.

Getting has been at the forefront of providing advanced systems for cardiopulmonary machines for decades and the HL40 is no exception.

The cardiovascular system ensures the controlled circulation of oxygenated blood during complex cardiac surgery.

“Surgical piercing does not allow for error, so our design team has worked closely with perfectionists such as the Liverton Medical Center in the Netherlands and Mediclin Hercentrum Goswick in Germany,” says Twain Jones, Product Manager at Getting. “Collaboration has resulted in a more flexible system with multiple functional improvements that support better outcomes for patients.”

Getting has now reached the point of introducing the HL40 in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France and Spain, followed by Sweden, Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Additional markets will follow as production increases for global sales and distribution.

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If you have any questions about the availability of the product in more markets, please contact your local getting representative.

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