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Gareth Bale confirms: Leaving Real Madrid

Gareth Bale confirms: Leaving Real Madrid

Gareth Bale is one of Wales’ best players of all time and belongs to a relatively small group of players from the UK who have moved abroad and are making a real impression.

The move from Tottenham to Real Madrid has become historic. The amount, at 1 billion kroner, was the highest ever transitional amount.

Already in the first season, 2013-14, he took part and contributed significantly to the long-awaited tenth victory of the Champions League for Real Madrid.

But it turns out over time that it won’t be a completely frictionless time for him at the big club.

Gareth Bale leaves Real Madrid

In 2019, the star stood with a Wales flag bearing the slogan “Wales, Golf, Madrid, in that order.” It was the start of a difficult period at Real Madrid with confidence in the British eroding as a result. Since then, he has repeatedly shown his lack of commitment, including in July 2020 when he fell asleep on the bench. It is now clear that Real Madrid is not opting to extend with the outside midfielder.

Gareth Bale got a loan spell with Tottenham last season, and now it remains to be seen if that could be relevant to the Welshman’s return. There was only one goal in four appearances and three games in all competitions during Real Madrid’s farewell year for the British.

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