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Garbenlove on Nylander: "It's 50/50"

Garbenlove on Nylander: “It’s 50/50”

The national team is still waiting for an answer. Will William Nylander, 26, come to the World Cup to strengthen the squad?

– Of course he would be a boost to us with all the skill he has. This is the cutting edge competence we’re lacking, says Garbinlove.

– We’ve called, but I’m waiting for a response from there. It’s 50/50. You never know, he continues.

What is the delay?

– When we communicate with a player, this is just the beginning. They need to get approval from their clubs, insure them, do covid tests and other things that could disrupt the process. Just because a player wants to come to the World Cup doesn’t mean you will. That’s why we often stand here and give you some boring answers.

No Wallmark

The captain of the national team also confirmed that midfielder Lukas Walmark will miss tonight’s match against Finland. The 26-year-old also missed yesterday’s winning match against Great Britain.

– He didn’t come to play today either, but the position is better.

Johann Garbinlov remains ambiguous in explaining the case.

– He could be sick, he’s gone anyway, he says.

Status of NHL reinforcements

The captain of the league, who is in his last tournament with Tre Kronor, also provides a status update on previously visible reinforcements.

Karl Grundstrom and Jacob Peterson have come and hopefully they can play tonight. First we want to sit down and talk to them and hear if they are playable or not, but if they feel good we would like them to play today.

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Garbenlove also confirmed that they posed a question about the World Cup matches to Boston goalkeeper Linus Olmark and Pittsburgh defender Marcus Peterson, but said they were also “in the same process” as William Nylander.

Sweden meets Finland tonight, the match starts at 19.20.

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