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France threatens to cut off electricity and gas to Britain

France threatens to cut off electricity and gas to Britain

The fisheries issue was one of the main obstacles when the Brexit agreement was being negotiated between the European Union and the United Kingdom. British fishermen wanted complete control of their own waters, which their French colleagues, on the other hand, did not want to lose access to after so many years of fishing.

The agreement was later EU countries have access to British waters until the summer of 2026. Meanwhile, the UK continued to have access to the union’s electricity and gas grid.

But the fishing dispute has now flared up again because France believes Britain and Channel Island Jersey are violating the agreement. Last week, a third of French boats were denied access to Jersey waters. In the previous week, Britain had stopped 12 of the 47 French boats, the Guardian wrote.

France now risks cutting off the flow of energy to Britain and Jersey unless more boats are granted fishing licenses. The country is also pressing the European Union to act on the issue. According to French EU Minister Clement Bonn, measures are already being discussed – and a decision is expected in a few days.

– I talked to my European counterparts on this topic yesterday. “We will take action at the EU level or at the national level to put pressure on Britain,” he told the Guardian.

Boone believes that British action on the fisheries issue is aggressive and that it will not work.

The Channel Islands and the United Kingdom depend on us for their energy supplies.

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On the other hand, the UK claims that the boats were denied licence because they had not been shown to have fished in the area before.

On the other hand, the EU de-escalates the conflict. A spokesman said the union was in talks with Britain and Jersey about fishing rights to give more boats access to the waters.

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