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Celebrities are flagged as tax evaders in Pandora's Documents

Celebrities are flagged as tax evaders in Pandora’s Documents

It is the Hollywood Reporter who wrote that the tax authorities of Australia and England, among others, will now highlight a number of famous artists whose names appear in the “Pandora Papers” documents leaked to the media around the world.

Celebrities are tagged as tax evaders as they are said to have hidden large sums of money in various tax havens.

Swedish DJ trio Swedish House Mafia also appears in the documents and according to the SVT designation review, the Swedes must have set up a mailbox company in the British Virgin Islands.

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“In general, it’s about picking money from a profitable company so that it ends up in companies in countries with low or no tax,” tax auditor Johann Lundberg tells SVT.

However, a spokesperson for Swedish House Mafia told SVT that the BVI-related scheme should have ended in 2013 when it was assumed it could damage the group’s brand.

Representatives of the singer Shakira have also commented on the information about possible illegal tax planning and say she pays taxes in the UK.

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