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France is on its way to ban short domestic travel by air

France is on its way to ban short domestic travel by air

The goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40 percent by 2030, calculated from the 1990 level. The two-and-a-half hour limit means that travel from Paris to Nantes, Lyon or Bordeaux, among other places, will be prohibited.

Domestic airlines have been hit hard by travel restrictions during the pandemic and industry representatives have criticized the timing harshly. But Industry Minister Agnes-Panet Ronacher turned it down.

We know that aviation contributes to carbon dioxide emissions and that climate change means emissions must be reduced, It says to Radio Channel 1 Europe.

However, the aviation industry could be happy To the announcement last week that the state will invest the equivalent of 40 billion Swedish kronor in the airline France afflicted by the crisis. The industry minister said she saw no contradiction between government subsidies and the new climate change.

We must also support our companies and not allow them to collapse, says Agnes Bagnier-Ronacher.

During the Saturday night debate in the National Assembly, parliamentarians from the southwestern parts of the country argued against the proposal, Le Monde Reports. Airbus is headquartered in Toulouse and several of the company’s subcontractors are in the region.

Klimataktivister However, he advocated stricter legislation and a ban on air travel where the distance corresponds to four hours by train. It also meant stopping flights from Paris to Marseille.

The flight ban must be passed by the Senate, then considered again in the National Assembly, where President Macron and his allies have a majority, before it becomes law.

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Last spring, Air France received compensation for closing shorter routes. If the new bill is passed, it means that competitors will have to do the same.

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