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Britain opens - despite rapid spread

Britain opens – despite rapid spread

During the European Championships, millions of Britons gathered in outdoor cafes and bars to watch their national team. Many matches have also been played at Wembley Stadium in London, where England lost to Italy in Sunday’s final.

Since the country relaxed some of its restrictions, many Britons have enjoyed their new freedoms – but this has accelerated the spread.

The numbers begin to approach the size of the second wave. On Tuesday, 36,000 new cases were reported, In large numbers January first, and 50 new deaths, The highest list since April.

Plans to reopen

The increase is associated with the so-called delta variation. The UK has chosen to use the Astra Geneca vaccine primarily, which is believed to have a detrimental effect on the mutated virus version. 65.6 percent of the country’s adults have received two doses.

But despite the outbreak, the government plans to reopen the community. On Monday 19th July – known as “Independence Day” in the UK – all binding restrictions will be lifted.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is urging people to take it easy, wear masks and work from home if possible.

– It is very important that we do this with caution. I can’t stress that the epidemic is not over, he said Monday.

The question was raised by experts

But the decision has drawn strong criticism from experts. More than 1,200 experts and doctors have signed a letter to the scientific journal in which Boris Johnson is accused of seeking to herd immunity “through mass infection,” writes The Independent.

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They believe that the government consciously wants young people to become infected so that they can quickly reach herd immunity.

“It is unbelievable that the British government wants to continue a herd immunity tragedy that will lead to hundreds of thousands of unwanted deaths,” said Sir David King, a chemist and spokesman for the Independent Sage Group, which criticizes the government. The Independent.

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