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Fortnite returns to iOS via Xbox Cloud Gaming

Fortnite returns to iOS via Xbox Cloud Gaming

In August 2020, Epic Games decided to go against Apple and Google by allowing direct in-game payments, allowing Epic to circumvent the giants’ 30 percent charge on all in-game purchases. This led both Google and Apple to set foot on Fortnite in their own App Store, and the game has starred in its absence ever since. Android users were able to get around this by downloading the game through other sources and app stores, but iOS users were able to live without the popular game.

Now Fortnite is back on iOS. To some extent in any case. Epic Games and Microsoft have made the game completely free to play via their Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming service. This applies regardless of whether or not the user subscribes to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and it works everywhere you can play Xbox Cloud Gaming, including Android and Windows devices. With this, it is now possible for iOS users to participate in the game via Microsoft’s cloud gaming service in a much simpler way than before.

To get started with it, users just need a Microsoft account and sign in with this Then the user just needs to click on the Fortnite icon to start the game and it is possible to play using the connected hand control or touch controls.

This is not the first time that Fortnite has been running on iOS recently. In January, it became possible to play Fortnite on iOS devices via Geforce Now, which in turn migrated across browsers. However, this requires the user to apply for and accept a beta test.

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