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Monkey Islands Ron Gilbert frustrated

Monkey Islands Ron Gilbert frustrated

Fans pressure him to play a match he doesn’t want.

to everyone’s joy announced Back to Monkey Island Early last month, as icing on the cake, original creator Ron Gilbert was the one behind it. This announcement was very well received, but Gilbert isn’t entirely happy with some of the comments.

at Posts On his blog, aptly named Grumpy Gamer, he refers to the nine-year-old Posts Where he then described his view as new monkey island He was going to check if he was allowed to create it after that.

Today he wants to point out that what he wrote was not carved in stone, but some spontaneous ideas that would have changed a lot as well during development. In other words, they should not be interpreted as promises regarding deeds and the like that Gilbert must fulfill today with the new game.

Some even complained about the style of the new game, but Gilbert disputes the idea that the first two games were “pixel art” games, saying that both use modern technology and art. He also says that there is a possibility Monkey Island 3 They didn’t look like the first two, but he kept pushing technology forward. Pixel art is admittedly discussed Back to Monkey Islandbut they came to the conclusion that they did not want to make a retro game.

He concludes by saying that it is ironic that these are some of the most stubborn monkey islandFans who don’t seem to want him to create the game he wants to create, which he thinks is too boring. However, he promised that he would make a game they would love if he could do what he wanted.

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