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Formula 1 icon David Coulthard in the Race of Champions

Formula 1 icon David Coulthard in the Race of Champions

It will be the premiere of the movie Race of Champions. The competition has been set for the first time in Sweden and has never before been decided on ice and snow, something that two-time Republic of China champion David Coulthard, who turned 50 and ended his Formula One career in 2008, is looking forward to.

“Race Of Champions is an event that I have always enjoyed competing in, but competing on ice and snow this year will be a very different experience than stadium tracks,” David Coulthard says in a press release.

– I’ve played some snowboarding in Sweden before, but it would be hard to beat the Nordic drivers in their elements, he says.

David Coulthard won the ROC Championship in 2014 and 2018, with 13 Formula 1 victories and 62 podium positions, the least qualified driver to come to Petio.

Chadwick, the second woman in the Republic of China

Jamie Chadwick will be the second woman to compete in the Republic of China. Her compatriot Susie Wolfe was the first in 2014.

Chadwick has won the W Series twice and is also competing in Extreme E.

– I am very happy that I made my first appearance in the Race of Champions in Sweden. Jimmy Chadwick says it’s an event I’ve always loved watching, so I can’t wait to try it out for the first time.

The Race of Champions will be decided in Piteå the weekend of February 5-6 and we will be broadcasting the competition live.