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Formula 1 expert at Yle Sport on Valtteri Botta's contribution: "He was pissed off after the race but couldn't help but blame himself" |  Sports

Formula 1 expert at Yle Sport on Valtteri Botta’s contribution: “He was pissed off after the race but couldn’t help but blame himself” | Sports

Formula 1 expert Fredrik af Petersens didn’t think Valtteri Bottas made any further efforts in Spain. Mercedes had major problems with tires in previous races at Silverstone. The fears were now as if they had vanished and F. Petersen had a theory as to why.

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas finished third in the Spanish Grand Prix. His inability to challenge team-mate Lewis Hamilton was not much of a surprise, but many speculated that the Finn would have succeeded in awarding runners-up Max Verstappen a match.

Did Potas today have the conditions needed to tweak a top 2 position?

The chance is always there, it’s pretty straightforward. Now it didn’t work. They try to overtake, with the driver staying longer than you are driving against, says Yle Sport Formula 1 expert Fredrik af Petersens.

– Max was better and his tires were better. Nothing could be done about it and Valtteri had to settle for third place. He was furious after the race but could not help but blame himself.

It had a bad start when Bottas, who started second, lost two places and suddenly he was fourth.

Why did the start fail?

You may ask yourself, unfortunately this was the second time this year. The first time the light on the steering wheel began to flash, which distracted Bottas.

I don’t know what happened. It was an unsuccessful start at all.

At Silverstone, Mercedes ran into big trouble with their tires. With good luck, Verstappen could have won both races in Great Britain but had to content themselves with the win and runners-up.

It now appears that Mercedes has gotten over its tire woes – or how do you explain that?

I think a lot depends on the course planning. In Silverstone, there was a left turn and then the left front tire took the most hits. Additionally, there are two different rules, Petersens states.

– Then Mercedes thought a little bit and changed around in the car. They may have learned important details.

Is the World Cup title clinically clinched now?

– You should never, ever say. But all indications are that Hamilton will win. There isn’t much races left, although you try to add two at the end.

Valtre does not give in until it becomes mathematically impossible. Hamilton could malfunction, the engine could break or crash. In two races, you can get 50 points.


1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 132
2. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) 95
3 – Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) 89
4 – Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) 45
5. Lance Stroll (Racing Point) 40


1. Mercedes 221
2. Red Bull 135
3. Racing Point 63

Kimi Raikkonen finished 14th, what can you say about his race?

– A small fall forward, but the latter is still missing. Last year there were a lot of points, in almost every other race. This year, the points balance is zero.

– Although it is not his fault. Something is wrong with the chassis, otherwise you won’t lose much. Difficult to make changes during the season. If you change the front trailer, you don’t know how the rear trailer reacts, says Af Petersens.

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