Former Business Partner Suing Candy Brothers For £132 Million Takes Polygraph Test To Prove His Story

Billionaire property developers Nick and Christian Candy aka ‘The Bling Brothers’ are in the midst of a £132million legal battle with their former business partner Mark Holyoake. The trial centres on a joint venture between the parties that quickly turned sour. Holyoake borrowed from Christian Candy’s Guernsey-based CPC Group Ltd to fund a property deal in Belgravia, Central London.

Holyoake then claimed the Candy brothers made aggressive demands for early repayment, forcing him into paying £38m to settle the loan and sell the property at a loss.

Holyoake blasted the Candy’s over email, “to put beyond any doubt whatsoever the facts of this matter namely that you both individually threatened me and my family in order to extort with menaces monies and returns that were not due to you.”

The tests included Mr. Holyoake being asked if Christian Candy repeatedly made personal threats, including the allegation that Candy said: “I will ruin your f***ing life,”; “I will nuke you,”; and “I will hold your feet to the flames.”

A spokesman for the Candy’s said: “Mark Holyoake’s claim against Nick Candy, Christian Candy and Christian’s company, CPC Group, has no foundation. It is a sad reflection of the weakness of Mr Holyoake’s claim that he is now relying on a polygraph test to prove his case rather than having it properly decided in a court of law.”

Holyoake passed every one of the 20 polygraph questions, though polygraph test results are considered by most lawyers as open to interpretation. Source: Wikimedia

The Candy Brothers spokesperson claimed Mr. Holyoake may have a line of other creditors who are looking for repayment from him, so this lawsuit could be the perfect distraction for him. The trial is due to be heard in February next year, DMZ will keep you posted.

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