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Foreign roads are much better than UK drivers say

Foreign roads are much better than UK drivers say

Many people have their opinions about the poor maintenance of Swedish roads, but a survey by the British RAC found that most British drivers think the roads they drive in other European countries put Britain’s potholed roads to shame.

72 per cent of drivers who have experienced driving abroad think that the condition, number and severity of potholes are worse in the UK than in other countries. Only 8 percent said Britain was doing well.

Garbage is Another problem. More than six in ten (62%) meanwhile say there is less of a problem with roadside litter abroad than in the UK. Only 7 per cent think the roads in England are clean.

The truth is 14 different aspects of roads and RAC asked drivers to compare them between the UK and other European countries, with the UK faring better in only one category – easy to understand road signs. 38 percent of drivers say it’s easier to use road signs at home than abroad. However, almost half (49%) believe there is little or no difference and 13% say foreign road signs are clear.

Regarding Motorway speeds Around half (53%) of drivers said they saw little difference in the number of people speeding at home or abroad, but a third (32%) said the problem was less in other countries. Half (53%) said there was no difference between UK and EU drivers. 28 per cent said foreign motorists drive better compared to a fifth (21%) who think UK motorists drive better.

Considered as a whole Four in ten drivers say their driving experience is better abroad than in the UK, with only a quarter (24%) saying they prefer to drive in the UK.

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RAC European Spokesman Rod Dennis said the RAC’s report was a comprehensive assessment of the state of Britain’s roads. “For years we’ve been saying how much tax drivers pay, which is borderline ridiculous. Foreign roads are better than British roads,” says Dennis.

In addition to the “pit crisis”.Drivers say there is far less littering on roadsides abroad than in the UK.

RAC urges drivers to Whether they rent a vehicle or take their own vehicles with them when driving abroad, they should have adequate insurance for possible but unfortunate events.