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New UK alcohol taxes – Drugnews

New UK alcohol taxes – Drugnews

LONDON From August 1, the alcohol tax system in Great Britain has changed and essentially all alcohol is taxed based on alcohol content.

It was already 2021 The British government has announced that it will reform the alcohol tax system. The then chancellor of the exchequer, Rishi Sunak, described the UK’s old alcohol tax system as “outdated, complex and full of historical contradictions”.

At the same time the alcohol tax system The changes end the suspension of the inflationary adjustment of alcohol taxes that has been in place until now, and have primarily meant increased taxes on wine and spirits.
At the same time, the latest tax freeze is far from the first. system IAS Even after the increase on August 1, after taking inflation into account, alcohol duty remains significantly lower than it was in 2012/13, according to an analysis of the change.

According to the organization Most excise duties on alcohol have been increased for the second time in 12 years in line with inflation.

Although now tax Linked to alcohol content, the tax per volume percentage is higher for strong liquors and taxation varies depending on the type of liquor.

As for booze, so The tax is 31.64 pounds per liter of pure alcohol, which corresponds to approximately SEK 427. By comparison, the Swedish tax on alcoholic beverages is SEK 522 for a small amount of pure alcohol. Wine with an alcohol content of around 8 per cent is taxed at £24.77 per pint of pure alcohol. In Sweden, a liter of wine is taxed and divided into different classes, but the situation in Great Britain is roughly the same.

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British Govt It is making a special effort to further expand the tax relief for drinks sold in bars, known as “Draft Relief”. It’s a collection that supports British pub culture. To avail the tax concession, the products must have an alcohol content of less than 8.5% and must be packaged in containers with a minimum capacity of 20 liters and connected to the distribution system.

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