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For sale: Trek Fuel ex7 (gen6) Trail/Enduro mod

For sale: Trek Fuel ex7 (gen6) Trail/Enduro mod


For sale in Gothenburg clothes – 2 hours

Scott backpack

For sale in Yavleborg 800:- diverse 800:- 4 hours

Shimano rear derailleur 10/11s

Sold in Stockholm three hundred fifty:- Elements three hundred fifty:- 4 hours

Miata Valley Runner Frame Kit – 46cm

Sold in Stockholm 1000 Swedish Krona tires 1000 Swedish Krona 4 hours

Classic rear wheel – 28-inch Campagnolo record

Sold in Stockholm 750 :- Wheels and tires 750 :- 4 hours

MTB wheels 26″

Sold in Stockholm 500:- Wheels and tires 500:- 4 hours

Shimano MTB Rear Gears/Forward Gears

Sold in Stockholm 150:- Elements 150:- 4 hours

Adidas Five Ten freerider MTB shoe 43 1/3

For sale in Gothenburg 500:- shoes 500:- 4 hours

Fuel Journey EX7 (Gen6) Trail/Enduro Mod

For sale in Dalarna 29,000 SEK mountain bike 29,000 SEK 5 hours

Asus Mi GTS c2

For sale in Jönköping 1200 Swedish krona clothes 1200 Swedish krona 5 hours

90s MTB, rigid

Purchased in Skåne 1000 Swedish Krona mountain bike 1000 Swedish Krona 5 hours

Genesis MIPS laser cycle helmet

Purchased in Östergötland Helmets – 5 hours

Abidura/Rapha saddle and handlebar bag.

For sale in Södermanland 1,500:- Supplements 1,500:- 6 hours

2 Continental GP4000 23mm

For sale in Gothenburg 250:- Wheels and tires 250:- 6 hours

Bracket for Wahoo ELEMNT Roam – New in box

For sale in Gothenburg 200:-

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Supplements 200:- 6 hours

Enduro 15-20k

For sale in Kalmar mountain bike – 6 hours

Shimano Ultegra groupset

For sale in Gothenburg 1700:- Elements 1700:- 6 hours

New mixed 1500 SEK for everything.

For sale in Yavleborg 1,500:- Elements 1,500:- 6 hours

Limited Edition Specialized Stumpjumper 2023 S4

For sale in Gothenburg 41,000 SEK mountain bike 41,000 SEK 6 hours

Specialized Epic FSR Comp 29 Carbon

For sale in Uppsala 22,000 SEK mountain bike 22,000 SEK 6 hours

They are replaced by gravel

Sold in Västernorrland 35,000 SEK mountain bike 35,000 SEK 6 hours

SRAM HS2 Centerlock 180mm disc brakes

Purchased in Östergötland Elements – 7 hours

Elite Performance Fox

For sale in Örebro 3500 Swedish krona Elements 3500 Swedish krona 7 hours

Tax Neo bike or Wahoo Kicker bike

Bought in Stockholm diverse – 7 hours

27.5-inch mixed tires

For sale in Gothenburg 100:- Wheels and tires 100:- 7 hours

Scott Speedster 15

Sold in Östergötland 6000 Swedish krona Racing/country road bike 6000 Swedish krona 7 hours

Columbus Vola!

For sale in Kalmar 4,500:- Racing/country road bike 4,500:- 7 hours

Common Ramones 16

For sale in Örebro 2800 SEK Children's bike 2800 SEK 7 hours

Trek Fuel X5 (Size XL)

Sold in Stockholm 15,000:- mountain bike 15,000:- 7 hours

Giant TCR Advanced Dura-Ace

For sale in Gothenburg 12,000 SEK

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Racing/country road bike 12,000 SEK 7 hours