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Now ads are coming to Discord

Now ads are coming to Discord

Discord chatbot was previously ad-free, but that will change now. At the beginning of March, the change was announced in one Blog posts He wrote that the time had already come this week for the rollout The Wall Street Journal.

However, these are not traditional advertisements, but something Discord calls “sponsored missions” – missions in PC games that can give players various rewards when they live stream to others on the platform. Sponsored Quests are a way for gaming companies to be visible on Discord, while users are free to accept them or not. Users will also be able to hide specific missions or campaigns for games they are not interested in.

This is what sponsored tasks will look like in Discord. Image source: Aristeknica.

Although the new advertising model seems ideal and non-intrusive compared to other social media platforms, it seems to have stuck in the eyes of many loyal Discord users – something that is no less evident in the comments section of aristeknica. If the Wall Street Journal's information is correct, Discord is in the process of hiring “a dozen or so” people to work with ads. Which makes many assume that sponsored missions are just the beginning.

What do you think about the concept of advertising sponsored quests in Discord?

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