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For sale: QR front wheel placed under the exercise bike

For sale: QR front wheel placed under the exercise bike

Planet X Exocet 2

Sold in Värmland 6500 Swedish krona Racing/country road bike 6500 Swedish krona 9 minutes

Wolf tooth blade

For sale in knife 500:- Elements 500:- 10 minutes

X-SYNC blade

For sale in knife 600:- Elements 600:- 12 minutes

Mavic White Cosmic Size 41 1/3

For sale in Scaraborg 800:- shoes 800:- 21 minutes

QR front wheel to place under trainer bike

Bought in Stockholm 123:- Wheels and tires 123:- 32 minutes

Specialized handlebars and stem

For sale in Jönköping 500:- Elements 500:- 32 minutes

MTB Cannondale HT Carbon 4 Scalpel, Red, Size M

For sale in Alfsborg 19,500 Swedish krona mountain bike 19,500 Swedish krona 1 hour

New Sram code p

For sale in Jönköping 2000 Swedish Krona Elements 2000 Swedish Krona 1 hour

Merida One Twenty 8000 size L

For sale in Gothenburg 32:- mountain bike 32:- 1 hour

Renthal 35 33mm shank

For sale in Yavleborg Elements – 1 hour

Ibis Exie with XT/SLX – a big rocket!

For sale in Jämtland 34,500 SEK mountain bike 34,500 SEK 1 hour

Ofmega and Campagnolo tools

Sold in Stockholm 500:- diverse 500:- 1 hour


Sold in Stockholm 13,500 Swedish krona mountain bike 13,500 Swedish krona 1 hour

Favero Asioma Duo

For sale in Gothenburg 4000 Swedish krona electronics 4000 Swedish krona 2 hours

Shimano RS-770 (coiled <500km)

For sale in Gothenburg 4000 Swedish krona

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Wheels and tires 4000 Swedish krona 2 hours

Le Cool Horse S-Class

Sold in Stockholm 300:- clothes 300:- 2 hours

Scott shirt. small

Sold in Stockholm 150:- clothes 150:- 2 hours

Garmin Edge 840

For sale in Jönköping 4000 Swedish krona electronics 4000:- 2 hours

Trek X 8M

Sold in Stockholm 8000 Swedish krona mountain bike 8000 Swedish krona 3 hours

RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil RC2T 230×65

For sale in Jämtland 3200 SEK Elements 3200 SEK 3 hours

Van Nicholas Amazon Titan

Sold in Stockholm 15,000:- Others 15,000:- 3 hours

Mavic Cross Max XLR

For sale in Kronoberg 9000 Swedish krona Wheels and tires 9000 Swedish krona 3 hours

Specialized runway/S-Works size 61cm required

For sale in Västerbotten Racing/country road bike – 3 hours

1 pair Sram hs2 brake discs 160/180mm center cap

For sale in Jönköping 500:- Elements 500:- 4 hours

Sealy Italy SLR Ti316 145mm 175g

For sale in Jönköping 1000 Swedish Krona Elements 1000 Swedish Krona 4 hours

Fizik Winter/Cold Weather Boot 43 “MTB”

Sold in Östergötland 700:- shoes 700:- 4 hours

Shimano SPD 43(/42) shoe

Sold in Östergötland 100:- shoes 100:- 4 hours

Bill Super DH MEPS Large

Sold in Östergötland 1200 Swedish krona Helmets 1200 Swedish krona 4 hours

Pattern bearing the Scott straight fork scale

Sold in Östergötland 50:- Elements 50:- 4 hours

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DVO Topaz T3 damper 190×50/45mm in very good condition

Sold in Stockholm 2500 Swedish krona Elements 2500 Swedish krona 4 hours