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For sale: Giant Fastroad SL |

For sale: Giant Fastroad SL |

Orbea Occam M10 medium size

For sale in Dalarna 39,000 SEK mountain bike 39,000 SEK 28 seconds

Touring bike 27.5+ ex Ogre, ECR in XL

Purchased in Skåne tires – 25 minutes

DT Swiss TK540 db rims, 28 inches

For sale in knife 500:- Wheels and tires 500:- 25 minutes

QR front wheel, Bontrager at-850 disc brakes, 29″ disc

For sale in knife 400:- Wheels and tires 400:- 25 minutes

Vaude OnTour L Steering Bag Click Repair

For sale in knife 400:- Supplements 400:- 25 minutes

DT Swiss C1800

Sold in Stockholm 2800 SEK Wheels and tires 2800 SEK 49 minutes

Cannondale Carbon 2 Scalpel “New”

For sale in Scaraborg 47,000 SEK mountain bike 47,000 SEK 57 minutes

Harness mount for Garmin VARIA

For sale in knife 150:- Elements 150:- 1 hour

Filoflex Record C 23mm

For sale in knife 600:- Wheels and tires 600:- 1 hour

Bianchi Infinito XE Rival ETAP AXS 12SP size 50

For sale in Halland 33,000 SEK Racing/country road bike 33,000 SEK 2 hours

Mondraker Summum – Downhill

Sold in Stockholm 36,049 Swedish krona mountain bike 36,049 Swedish krona 2 hours

Dura-Ace Series smokes fresh, unopened! Links 138 a

Sold in Stockholm 400:- Elements 400:- 2 hours

Wahoo Speedplay Zero pedals (+ cleats if desired)

For sale in knife 1000 Swedish Krona

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Elements 1000 Swedish Krona 2 hours

Giant Fastroad SL

For sale in Södermanland 7000 Swedish krona Racing/country road bike 7000 Swedish krona 3 hours

Are you looking for old/retro Shimano shifters/brake shifters?

Purchased in Jämtland Elements – 3 hours

Syncros Hixon IC SL

For sale in Uppsala 2500 Swedish krona Elements 2500 Swedish krona 3 hours

Vintage Campa front gear

For sale in knife 200:- Elements 200:- 3 hours

B’fold 320 folding bike complete or split.

For sale in Uppsala 500:- Elements 500:- 4 hours

BIB cycling shorts craft

For sale in knife 75:- clothes 75:- 4 hours

Fork pump and wheel hubs

For sale in Uppsala 50:- diverse 50:- 4 hours

Campagnolo Potenza

For sale in knife 500:- Elements 500:- 4 hours

Rear fork ends

For sale in knife 100:- Elements 100:- 4 hours

Maxis Recon+ and Kinda Quest

For sale in Uppsala 50:- Wheels and tires 50:- 4 hours

Campagnolo scored brakes

For sale in knife 800:- Elements 800:- 4 hours

Winter sweater craft

For sale in knife 100:- clothes 100:- 5 hours

Sugoi RS Zero Winter Jacket

For sale in knife 100:- clothes 100:- 5 hours

Bbb btl 12s cassette puller/3 minutes 19s masterlink pliers/conti 40mm valve extender

Sold in Stockholm 200:- Supplements 200:- 5 hours

Garmin Fenix ​​3 Sapphire

For sale in Gothenburg 200:-

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electronics 200:- 5 hours

Specialized saddle

For sale in Gothenburg 150:- Elements 150:- 5 hours

Racing face pedals with extra pin set

For sale in Gothenburg three hundred fifty:- Elements three hundred fifty:- 5 hours