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For sale: Chesini Olympiad Campagnolo Super Record size 57

For sale: Chesini Olympiad Campagnolo Super Record size 57

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Treat yourself to this Italian Kizzini Olympiad from 1981. The idea was to keep the genre going forever but new projects are urgent and I need to make room for other things. Since I never intended to sell this, it has been fixed to the last detail. Everything is disassembled, assembled, lubricated and carefully cleaned. Some well maintained decals on the frame also reveal that it has been on the water circuit twice, in 1984 and 1985.

The frame and paint are in incredible condition, as are all Campagnolo parts. The component set it sits on is a Campagnolo Super Record from 1981, the handlebars and stem are from 3ttt and of course it shines really well.

Laps and rides very well of course! The housings, cables, chain, steering coil and rubber grips have all been replaced.

The tire size is 57 cm (cubic centimeters) and it fits you in length 170 – 180. Of course the best way to find out if it fits you is to test drive it, so welcome to R├ącksta for a test ride. Then you can also adjust the seat post and steering according to your preference.

Let me know if more images are required (Sayed allows up to five) and that can be resolved too.

There are also possibilities to send the bike in for the cost of shipping!

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prize: 7000 SEK
boycott: Stockholm
place: Valingby
published: 8 hours ago

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