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Football: Youth were behind England's victory over Senegal

Football: Youth were behind England's victory over Senegal

But when Senegal did not convert their chances, England did instead. In the 38th minute, England took the lead in style, putting Jude Bellingham in the perfect position to help Jordan Henderson score an easy 1-0 goal.

– It wasn't directly deserved in this case, but the best attack of the match resulted in a goal, said SVT expert Glenn Stromberg.

It was extended before half-time

The 19-year-old Bellingham isn't finished. In stoppage time, he won possession in his own half, then raced and passed to Phil Foden, who released Harry Kane. England's great goalscorer struck clear in a 2-0 England iron fist in the round of 16.

It was Kane's first goal in the World Cup and his 52nd goal for England. He is now one goal behind Wayne Rooney as England's top scorer in the national team.

England's youth continued to assert themselves. Phil Foden, 22, raced along the left wing and passed to Bukayo Saka, 21, who calmly shot in front of goal to make it 3-0.

England then finished the match and won 3-0.

“I love this”

– It's very big for us as a team to beat the African champions 3-0, it's very impressive of us, Jude Bellingham tells SVT Sport after the match.

You feel like a natural leader there. How do you see playing at this level?

– I love this. I've dreamed of playing in the World Cup since I was little, so I don't want to let this moment get to me too much. But being here and playing well is up to my teammates. They welcomed me and made me feel comfortable and confident.

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England's progress means that it will face France in the quarter-finals on December 10.

– It will be as difficult as the rest of the tournament for all teams. It is important that we stick with what we know and give it an honest chance.

Clip: Highlights of the England-Senegal match