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Football: Sweden's European Championship journey ended, and England beat them in the semi-finals

Football: Sweden's European Championship journey ended, and England beat them in the semi-finals

Sweden's first strong blow came at the beginning of the second half when England, who were favorites to reach the semi-finals, scored 2-0.

England took a corner kick as Lucy Bronze (who had helped Beth Mead score the first goal of the first half) bounced the ball into the goal past all the players in the penalty area and into the net behind a blocked Hedvig Lindahl. The goal was approved after a VAR review.

European Football Championship

  • John Guidetti became an SVT expert during the European Football Championship

  • Glenn Nyberg

    Glenn Nyberg European Football Championship refereeing staff

– I think we did a lot of things right in the first 30 minutes. We could have scored two or three goals, and they didn't have anything. When they score, it shows how much goals change the picture of the match, Magdalena Eriksson tearfully tells SVT Sport.

She continues:

– It will be a very big mountain for us to climb in this match. But it's inappropriate at 4-0.

After the 2-0 goal, national team captain Gerhardsson made three substitutions: Caroline Seager, Joanna Retting Kanered and Jonah Andersson, and the substitution of Philippa Angeldahl, Sofia Jacobsson and Amanda Ellstedt.

There is still hope to change the course of the game.

“England are getting the game exactly where they want it.”

But England also made a substitution that was crucial. Ellen White came as before Alessia Russo and provided the evening's tenderness when she returned between Hedvig Lindahl's legs.

The next cold shower came eight minutes later when Chelsea star Fran Kirby fired the ball outside the penalty area and volleyed a powerful shot that Lindal hand-footed but fell into the net behind the Swedish goalkeeper.

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– England get exactly the game they want, and they did with a 2-0 goal as Sweden were forced to open up in their pursuit of a goal. England make the best of it with good goals and great combinations, says SVT expert Daniel Nanskog.

Not just in terms of goalkeeping effort

He doesn't think Lindahl should take all the blame for the goals in the second half.

– It's easy to get Lindahl out of the last two goals. At the same time, it is also a weak defensive game that gets England into the situations they face. But of course I want Lindahl to be able to stop both goals.

For England, Germany or France await the final at Wembley on Sunday, and they will play the semi-final tomorrow which will be broadcast on SVT1 at 20:00-23:30 (kick-off at 21:00).

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