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Football: Expert: 'Higher level needed against England'

Football: Expert: 'Higher level needed against England'

– It's Sweden who fought hard and still do well. Sometimes it was a game against a goal. After the 13th corner the goal was finally in a fixed position. In terms of the game, it's good to reach so many endings, but to reach the semi-finals it will take much more than that, says Nazanin Vasegpanah, sports expert at SVT.

Will this match stand up to England?

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– Of course not. It is important to start the passing game at a faster pace and to be effective in the situations you face. But I still have to praise Sweden who continue their path, do not lose faith that the goal will come. It is Belgium who were very tired at the end, because of the Swedish pressure. But against England, a higher level will be needed as they will hit more and run much faster.

Do you see any players who need to be upgraded?

– It's about being more efficient. But I think all the players are doing a good job today, just that part of not losing confidence in their game. And finally, the long-awaited goal comes. It's very interesting that Sembrant is the one to do it when he returns to the European Commission.

Best of Sweden-Belgium

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