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Football: England wins European Championship after senseless drama in extra time

Football: England wins European Championship after senseless drama in extra time

Germany has won the European Championship eight times. But they were overlooked for a ninth gold medal after a very exciting final.

Germany had their best scoring chance in the first half when Marina Heggering pushed the ball towards goal on a tangled corner kick. The ball eventually caught the hand of Leah Williamson, but no penalty was awarded despite a VAR check.

European Football Championship

  • John Guidetti became an SVT expert during the European Football Championship

  • Glenn Nyberg

    Glenn Nyberg European Football Championship refereeing staff

– Leah Williamson's hand is good, slightly outside the body, and the ball touches the hand. For me, there is no doubt that Germany will be denied a clear penalty, says SVT expert Jonas Eriksson.

Toon made the home crowd cheer

It was the home team who cheered first.

In the 62nd minute, Keira Walsh played substitute Ella Toone, who volleyed the ball wonderfully over Merle Froomes.

– It is a class goal, says SVT expert Nazanin Vasigbanah.

Germany was forced

Germany pressed after the goal and eventually got the result.

Wasmuth fed the ball to Majul, who sent the ball up the first cross.

– The right person who scores the goal. She participated in the German attack, and was instigated, says Nazanin Vasigbanah.

Extended drama

There were no more goals in normal time, and extra time drama awaited.

Extra time witnessed fatigue from the players, intense fighting, and no great chances for either team until the 110th minute.

Then Chloe Kelly was cautious taking the corner kick and hit the rebound herself.

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Wild cheers erupted, and Kelly celebrated by taking off her shirt.

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Germany failed to score any more goals, and England won the Women's European Championship for the first time ever.

– The consequences of this tournament will be greater than you can imagine. “The legacy of this team is that we won,” Leah Williamson tells SVT Sport.