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Football: England humiliated Norway – biggest win ever at a European Championship

Football: England humiliated Norway – biggest win ever at a European Championship

World 8th vs. World 11th, a wide open match upfront. But the only thing that was wide open after kick-off was the Norwegian defence.

England inflicted a heavy defeat on Norway in the first half, winning 6-0. Already there, England had equaled the number of goals scored in a European Championship match.

He played for the Norwegian defence

England made the Norwegian defense look disjointed and tired early on. The score was 2-0 after a pass across the box to the far post, 3-0 after a drop by the last defender, and 5-0 after Bethany Meade dribbled past several Norwegian defenders. Three goals left a lot to be desired for the Norwegian defence.

– This is frankly embarrassing. Not in my wildest imagination could I have imagined this could be a scenario, says NRK commentator Andreas Stabron-Smith after the first half.

6-0 just before the break wouldn't be the last goal either.

Biggest win ever

England pressed more in the second half, and although Norway played more solid defensively, they eventually made it 7-0 with 25 minutes left. A goal that made the match historic. No team has ever had a 7-0 record in EC play.

But for Norway, the nightmare will last much longer. England eventually won 8–0, the biggest win ever in a European Championship.

-You feel helpless. I struggle with the players. It's hard to put it into words. Except for the first ten minutes, we are more or less run over. “It's very difficult,” Norwegian national team captain Martin Sjogren tells SVT Sport.

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