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Football: England: “Girls deserve to play football”

Football: England: “Girls deserve to play football”

Currently, only 63% of all schools in England offer girls playing football in physical education lessons, the FA said when it launched a campaign last October to get girls into football.

England will elect a new Prime Minister on September 5, with former Chancellor Rishi Sunak competing against current Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

“We want their dreams to come true.”

Now after winning European Championship gold, the England women's national team wants to see change and is appealing to the winner in an open letter:

“We – the 23 players in the England Women's National Team EC squad – want you to prioritize investment in girls playing football in schools, so that all girls have a choice.” the team.

“The reality is that we inspire young girls to play football and then we see them come to school and they don’t get to play. They deserve to play football at lunch, they deserve to play football in PE lessons, they deserve to believe that they can play for England one day. We want their dreams to come true.”

The candidate has answered.

The national team wants to offer two hours of sport per week, with football to be part of the curriculum. Rishi Sunak himself responded with a post on Twitter :

“I firmly believe in the importance of sport for children’s development, and I would love to see all schools offering two hours of sport per week.”

The Women's European Football Championship was a huge success with a new record number of spectators for both men and women. The final between England and Germany was watched by 87,192 people at Wembley. According to the BBC, the match was watched by 17.4 million television viewers and a further 5.9 million broadcast it.

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Football: England wins the European Championship on home soil (July 31)

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