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Flying problems across the UK |  Gutenberg Post

Flying problems across the UK | Gutenberg Post

National air traffic control company NATS, which manages air traffic in the UK, said in a statement on Monday that it had imposed “restrictions on traffic flow” to maintain safety. Meanwhile, technicians worked to solve the problem, Sky News wrote.

“A network-wide error occurred in the UK’s traffic management system this morning,” Scottish airline Loganair wrote on X, previously Twitter.

According to the newspaper woman UK airspace was closed as a result of these problems.

Warns of delay

However, Gatwick Airport says it is still landing and taking off on Monday, but this contradicts passengers whose flights have been diverted to other countries, and its website shows widespread delays between scheduled departures and arrivals.

Sky News producer Georgia Ziebart, stuck on a plane due to fly from Palma, Mallorca, to Gatwick, London, told the channel that planes were being diverted to France.

“The airline staff here say that all the planes that were in the air when the systems went down had to divert to France or other countries, and they obviously don’t want to divert our flight, so they are keeping us here for now,” she says.

Many other UK airports are warning of flight delays and urging travelers to check flight departure times if they are traveling during the day.

Welsh broadcaster Gabby Logan, waiting to return home from Budapest, wrote on X that she was told that “Great Britain’s airspace is closed and that we can stay here for twelve hours.”

Cancellation of flights from Landvetter

Flights between Great Britain and Sweden are also affected by aviation problems.

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– Today there are three remaining flights from Landfetter and seven from Arlanda that may be affected, says Ellen Loren, press officer at Swedavia.

Two flights from Landvetter to London have already been cancelled. A flight from London to Landvetter was also cancelled.

At this time there is no forecast on how long the flight problems are expected to last.

“It’s in the early stages and we’re following the development closely all the time,” says Ellen Loren.

Technical issue – constant delays – has been resolved

By 4:30 p.m., the issues in the UK had been identified and resolved, according to The Guardian. Sky News. However, there are still delays between flights to and from the UK, and traffic management company NATS warns that it will take some time before flight schedules return to normal again.

The same applies to flights between Great Britain and Sweden.

– The best advice is to contact your airline as a traveler. Even if the situation improves, there may still be delays as a result of previous delays during the day, says Robert Blitzen, press director at Swedavia.

He believes that if he is informed that a flight has been cancelled, it can be assumed that the matter will not change.

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