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Flora Duffy won Bermuda's first Olympic gold medal triathlon

Flora Duffy won Bermuda’s first Olympic gold medal triathlon

James Connolly of the United States became the first modern Olympic champion in 1896, winning the three-stage event in Athens in 1896.

Since then, a further 6,227 medals have been awarded. Not a single one of them went from a little footland in Bermuda to an athlete.

High in running

But now the tiny island nation of about 63,000 people in the West Atlantic has won the Olympic gold medal.

The name of the historical athlete is Flora Duffy. The 33-year-old won the women’s triathlon early Tuesday morning local time.

Duffy was one of seven knocked out at the start of the bike section of the race, its opening fNot postponed due to bad weather in Japan. However, in the mile-long race that ended the race, Duffy was superior, eventually claiming the pride of British Georgia Taylor-Brown in one minute and 14 seconds.

The smallest country of gold

Duffy’s big lead is well aware that he can already start crying in the race and will always be listed as Bermuda’s first Olympic gold medalist – even though he only competed once every ten months before the Olympics, with injuries and travel restrictions.

– It feels incredible. It was worth it. Lots of tears, so much grief. Many times I wondered if I would be perfect again, can I compete in top form again? But I kept believing, he says Royal Gazette.

Sweden according to statistics Cresanode Bermuda has now become the country with the lowest number of people winning gold at the Summer Games.

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The chaotic start of the men’s triathlon – which Norway won Blumenfeld Photo: Discovery +