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Svenska Magazine – No plans for strict travel rules

Ola Josephson
Posted 09:53
Updated 15:54

Avoid nightclubs and stick with the people you usually meet. Prior to the trip to Spain, Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Technell said it was “no reason for us to tighten travel rules”.

The increase in infection is breaking records in some places in Spain. On Friday, the province of Malaga reported the highest daily number of infections since the outbreak, with 1,980 new cases. The entire Costa del Sol and five other health districts are at risk level 3.

Nearly a quarter of Swedes who have tested positive have recently been affected by a foreign trip. According to Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Technol, the outbreak comes from countries where many Swedes now travel, such as Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Although the quarter is now affected overseas, he does not see any reason for the strict travel rules at present. You can still travel to Spain.

– Yes, you live like Sweden. The fact that you are not crowded at nightclubs and the like and that you stick with the people you meet regularly. If possible, be vaccinated before leaving. And then I don’t think the risks are too big, says Anders Technell Swedish daily.

According to Technol, many of those who received Govt-19 overseas have been affected in nightclubs.

Recommend after a trip abroad Swedish Public Health Institute Test yourself in Sweden and be careful who you meet after a week of travel.

At the same time, the newspaper reports Country Spain currently has the fastest vaccination rate in Europe and the preference for vaccination is high.

Spain has fully vaccinated 25 million, which is close to 53 percent of the population. Only two countries in the world have the highest speed, it is Canada and the United Kingdom.

Vaccination of young people has begun in Spain. As Svenska Magazine told us Twitter Several coastal municipalities in the Costa del Sol have introduced the drop-in vaccine in recent weeks.

It was the 20-29 year olds who spread the epidemic in Spain above all else. An age group that is socially active. The incidence rate in that group last week was 1,860 cases per 100,000 people. Among adolescents, the incidence rate was more than 1,586 per 100,000.

A characteristic of the fifth wave in Spain is that the infection mainly occurs in the socially active group between the ages of 15 and 29 years. Because they are young, most people get mild symptoms

But sometimes problems arise, and even young people need hospital care because of Govt-19. The number of admitted Govt patients has increased in the last three weeks. As of July 1, the Malaga Provincial Hospital had 90 Govt patients, up from 379 on Monday. Of these, 62 receive IVA care.

As of Monday, hospitals in eight provinces of Andalusia were reporting 972 Govt patients, two less than the latest report. A trend breakdown, followed by an increase in the number of govt patients for 15 consecutive days.

Only one person who died of Govt-19 disease has been reported in Andalusia in the last 48 hours.

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