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League captain raises team width: "Is there a match?"

League captain raises team width: “Is there a match?”

When Sweden faced New Zealand in the last group stage match, they had previously beaten the United States and Australia. This made it possible to spin and national team captain Peter Hegartson chose to start with eight new players compared to the previous match. Only Magdalena Eriksson, Philip Angeltall and Jonah Anderson were in the top eleven.

He is happy after the 2-0 win.

– It is strong and well done. It shows that there are a lot of new players today and a competitiveness on this team.

It is important to be able to relax

If you look ahead, the national team captain says there is a situation where different athletes can be used optimally in the Olympics.

– It will be close to matches, so it is the perfect situation for others to relax and play.

As for the Swedish side, Canada or Japan are waiting for the next match. Which national team it will be will be decided later today. Canada faces Britain and Chile faces Japan.

CLIP: Highlights of Sweden’s victory over New Zealand (July 27)

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Sweden was impressed when New Zealand was zero Photo: Built-in Byron / Discovery +
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