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Fisheries and trade issues with the UK meeting with the UK

Presidential Planning

The Portuguese president, who took office earlier this year, will begin the meeting by talking about its priorities in the field of agriculture and fisheries for the next six months. In the field of agriculture, among other things, it is the result of negotiations on the reform of common agricultural policy, and in the field of fisheries, the President will act to implement the necessary decisions and follow-ups after Brexit.

Fished with Great Britain

In the final negotiations for the fisheries quota, there was no agreement with the United Kingdom on the post-Brexit relationship, so only provisional quotas for general shares were accepted for the first three months of the year.

The EU and the UK must now agree on common fishing opportunities for 2021 and total catches and other details for some deep-sea creatures for the period 2021-2022. At the meeting, ministers will discuss guidelines for future consultations with the United Kingdom.

The overall view of the government is that scientific advice should be the basis for the results of fisheries allocation and that fishing should be environmentally sustainable in the long run. Therefore, the government wants the EU and the UK to try long-term common strategies for shared shares.

Agriculture and Commerce

The Commission will also inform member states of issues related to the trade in agricultural commodities, including ongoing negotiations on the WTO and free trade agreements.

During the video conference, the Commission will also present an updated analysis of the impact of current and future free trade agreements on the agricultural sector. The European Union is the world’s largest exporter and importer of food and agricultural products and has concluded several free trade agreements in recent years, including Vietnam, Canada and Japan.

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During the meeting, the ministers will also receive updates on the status of ongoing negotiations on common agricultural policy reforms.

Sweden’s Rural Affairs Minister Jenny Nilsson will represent Sweden at the video conference.