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First in NHS with public cloud service: Homerton Healthcare in UK reaches milestone with Sectra's imaging solution

First in NHS with public cloud service: Homerton Healthcare in UK reaches milestone with Sectra's imaging solution

Linköping – 12 March 2024 – Homerton Healthcare NHS Trust in the UK has become the first NHS (National Health Service) organization to implement a Medical Technology and Cyber ​​Security Institute. Divisions (STO: SECT B) A cloud service for medical imaging. The implementation demonstrated how NHS patient images can be efficiently accessed from a secure, public cloud service at the same speed as on-site storage.

The implementation is important for the provider's hard-pressed radiology team, which began using the service last summer. Radiologists were able to efficiently review and write answers to thousands of patients' examinations, a central part of diagnosis. Around 250,000 patient images are processed annually at Homerton Healthcare NHS Trust.

Adam Nicola, Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) Manager at Homerton Healthcare NHS Trust, says:
– As the first in the NHS to adopt a public cloud service, we have shown that it is possible. Being at the forefront is challenging, but we have reached an important milestone in the NHS with the introduction of cloud imaging and the response from our radiologists has been consistently positive. The system is robust, secure and robust. Our diagnostic teams are highly functional, which is highly rated by our radiologists. This system also gives us the opportunity to integrate AI applications in the future.

Cloud The overall solution is offered as a subscription service called Sectra One Cloud. This service means that Sectra takes responsibility for the entire system and its infrastructure, while healthcare workers automatically gain access to various functions and tools as they become available.

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One of the new features that radiologists have already found valuable with Sectra's solution is a chat tool that allows them to quickly share images and communicate with each other during reporting. Surgeons have templates that simplify their planning before surgeries and mean they don't need third-party apps. Another innovation is data analysis tools that allow managers to monitor operations, create analytical charts and understand flow times and bottlenecks. Additionally, new remote work capabilities will facilitate future collaborations within sub-divisions across the region. Pediatrics and stroke.

An important milestone is the implementation of a scalable solution in the work for how medical images are managed in North East London's integrated care system to improve collaboration between the region's care providers. Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is the first of three providers in the North East London Health and Care Partnership to enable clinical imaging via a public cloud service.

– Availability of medical images in the cloud will facilitate closer collaboration and provide better access to expertise, especially in areas with a shortage of specialized radiologists. Homerton Healthcare has not only shown what cloud-based solutions can do for the NHS, but also represents an important step towards regional integration, says Niall Canavan, Head of IT at Homerton Healthcare NHS Trust and Chief Information Officer at North East London Health. and care partnerships.

Jane Rendall, managing director of Sectra UK and Ireland, adds:
– Advances made by imaging pioneers at Homerton will soon become standard practice in the NHS. I believe that many healthcare providers, integrated care systems and medical imaging networks should be guided by Homerton Healthcare on how they can achieve the same success in transitioning to public cloud services. As the use of public cloud services continues to grow rapidly, we will certainly be sharing insights into implementation with others in the NHS. This has the potential to improve employee workflow and save valuable time in implementation.

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Sectra's comprehensive solution for medical image management provides healthcare providers with an integrated strategy for all medical image management needs and improves patient care while contributing to reduced operating costs. The scalable solution is based on a multimedia archive (VNA) that supports modular and all image management. This allows healthcare providers to expand the solution, specialty by specialty and hospital by hospital. Visit Sectra's website to read more about Sectra's solutions and why Sectra PACS has been awarded the highest customer satisfaction award “Best in Class” Eleven years in a row.

About Sectra
Sectra helps hospitals around the world organize care and authorities and security in Europe to protect the community's most sensitive information. In this way, Sectra contributes to a healthy and safe society. The company was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Linköping. Today, Sectra has direct sales in 19 countries and co-sells with partners around the world. Total revenue for 2022/2023 was SEK 2,351 million. SECTRA (STO: SECT B) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Visit for more information Sectra's website.

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