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Finland stands against many developing countries

Finland stands against many developing countries

Finland stands against many developing countries

Finland is reviewing its aid policy.

This was stated by the country’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Development, Phil Taveo, Yle reported.

The minister announced that cuts in development work are expected – among other things, Finland will not provide aid to countries that support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

13 countries

Today, Finland conducts long-term bilateral cooperation with developing countries based on 13 country or regional programmes.

The cooperation relates to the following countries:

– Ukraine

– Palestinian territories

– Uzbekistan

– Kyrgyzstan

– Afghanistan

– Tajikistan

– Nepal

– Myanmar

– Vietnam

– Ethiopia

– Somalia

– Kenya

– Tanzania

– Mozambique

– Zambia

The list has been shortened

After the government restructures aid policy, the list may become shorter.

– Focus shifts from bilateral country programs to development cooperation with local NGOs. That means there will be fewer national programs than before, Phil Taveo tells Elle.

Historically great pieces

The Finnish government is investigating the cuts that will be made.

It is currently unclear which countries will be removed from the list.

– It has not yet been decided which countries will be eligible for support, Phil Taveo tells Yle.

However, it is certain that there will be a definite change.

Finland’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Development stresses that these cuts are “historically significant”.

Swedish aid policy

The Swedish aid budget is SEK 56 billion annually for the year 2023-2025.

Like Finland, support for Ukraine is an important part of Swedish aid.

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Other areas of focus are the following, according to the Christerson government:

Humanitarian support for vulnerable groups

– Developing democracy and increasing support for democratic movements

Expanded and effective climate aid

Poverty alleviation and health interventions for the most vulnerable groups

Employment equality with a focus on sexual and reproductive health

Trade to increase prosperity and reduce poverty. In order to increase the exchange of aid, the government links development and promotion policy and trade policy.

– Increased focus on migration (increasing the proportion of those who return to their countries of origin and contributing to the effective work of voluntary return migration)

Source: Government

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