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finally!  Microsoft is merging Teams and Teams

finally! Microsoft is merging Teams and Teams

Anyone who has tried to use Microsoft Teams in particular has encountered one of Microsoft's biggest drawbacks: There are two different versions of Teams — one for businesses and other organizations, and one for individuals. Anyone who installs the wrong version receives an error message saying they can't sign in. In Windows 11, Microsoft created its own version of Teams and called it Chat, but confusion among users prompted the company to remove this feature.

Now Microsoft will finally fix this bug for those who use Teams and Reports voluntarily the edge. A new Teams update (for enterprise) is coming in April and supports both Teams platforms, with a simple menu to switch between different accounts.

In the new version, notifications for incoming calls and messages show which group you belong to. This means that even if you have the same person among your contacts whether at work or privately, you can find out which account the message from this person comes from.

In subsequent updates, Microsoft will expand support for multiple accounts. Among other things, it will be possible to choose the account through which the meeting link will be opened, and to join a meeting without an account.

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