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Final Fantasy XVI director fears (first) Final Fantasy XIV has affected the series' reputation

Final Fantasy XVI director fears (first) Final Fantasy XIV has affected the series’ reputation

Admittedly, it’s hard to imagine today, even when I made a purchase off when playing an online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV It was very famous for its own good, but once upon a time, Square Enix mmorpg was a failure. The first iteration in 2010 was a failure in all respects, before world reborn Three years later, a success story began that we did not expect to end yet.

Naoki Yoshida, who is usually seen as a savior Final Fantasy XIVHowever, she is concerned that the rumors have damaged the series’ reputation among the younger players. Something we touched upon when we wrote earlier about it Final Fantasy XVI It does not become an open world game. Yoshida, or “Yoshi-P” as it is often called, says 4 jammer (Across Wccftech) that both the fourteenth and fifteenth parts affect the image of the younger players of the series.

despite Final Fantasy XV I barely fumbled, it’s not the most famous moment of the series. Part XV has also been criticized for feeling incomplete, despite its long development time.

Yoshi q direct Final Fantasy XVI And fears that these slippages in one way or another still affect reputation. However, he appears to be a slightly restless soul, as Yoshi-P expresses via PlayStation Blog That he was worried about the fourteenth and sixteenth parts being tampered with at the same time.

In addition, he was concerned about what fans might think.

Fans of both games will have good reason to believe that I didn’t give either project my full attention.

Perhaps this is a factor that explains why their performance is poor Final Fantasy XVI Turns out it’s a bang game. Next summer we know.

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