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Metaverse – mer ångest, mindre produktivitet

Metaverse – More anxiety, less productivity

Metaverse functionality is the next big thing, if you can believe Mark Zuckerberg. A recent survey now shows that it may not be that simple. Test subjects grow anxious and become less productive.

Many tech employees and business leaders see Metaverse as the next big workplace. In an April survey, 71 percent of business leaders said the metaverse would be positive for their organization, According to Fortune. Now comes the indication that working in the virtual world may not be as good as Metas Mark Zuckerberg dreaming.

Metaverse worst cross straight

scanning It was conducted by researchers from the University of Coburg, University of Cambridge, University of Primorska and Microsoft Research. The study compares a week’s job in a normal physical environment with a week’s job in a virtual environment, and the results are not encouraging.

The researchers state that jobs in the metaverse environment give participants “significantly worse numbers for most metrics”. Functional anxiety increases by 19 percent during the week of the meta-reversal. Participants also see their workload increased by 35 percent, despite the fact that researchers guarantee it is equivalent.

Nausea and anxiety

Participants also reported that frustration with not being able to finish work efficiently and on time increased by 42 percent. They also tested productivity drops by 16 percent.

According to researchers, physical health is also affected. All participants experienced significant eye problems and nausea. One gets a headache for three hours after a 45-minute work shift, writes fortune. Two of the participants left the study after the first day because of severe nausea, anxiety and migraine headaches.

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Some of the problems participants encounter may be that they are unfamiliar with the equipment, the researchers say. Photo: TT

Mix the solution of the future

The VR headset also causes discomfort. The researchers didn’t buy the most expensive and convenient technology, because they wanted to see how employees at companies with smaller budgets could work in the metaverse.

On the other hand, it could just be a matter of getting used to the equipment. Perhaps it will be a hybrid scheme where time is split between the normal environment and the future metaverse solution.

There were indications that the participants gradually overcame negative first impressions and initial discomfort. The researchers write according to Fortune.

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