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'Final Fantasy XIV' is so popular that it has stopped selling |  Movie Zen

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ is so popular that it has stopped selling | Movie Zen

The popular online role-playing game “Final Fantasy XIV” is so successful and popular that the developers have chosen to stop selling it temporarily.

On December 7, the latest expansion of the popular role-playing game was released online “Final Fantasy XIV” By Square Enix, called “Endwalker”.

The expansion has had good reviews, but many players report that it can take hours before you can go in and play on the servers because there are so many who want to play at the same time. The game has a total of 22 million registered players and when new expansions are released, many often play at the same time.

Final Fantasy XIV is so popular that Square Enix has chosen to pause selling the game in both digital and physical stores, since their servers simply can’t handle more players.

– Players are currently experiencing very long waiting times due to the heavy concentration of playing hours that exceed our server capacity, especially during peak hours, and therefore we have decided to pause sales of the “Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition” and “Full Edition”, He writes Game producer Naoki Yoshida.

Square Enix has also chosen to cancel the opportunity to test the game for free and shut down all marketing for the title. As compensation, they offer 14 days of additional playing time, as “Final Fantasy XIV” has a monthly cost.

– We understand that long wait times to login to the game prevent players from playing, which is why we sincerely apologize, Naoki Yoshida continues.

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“Final Fantasy XIV” was released back in 2010, but in such a bad state, Square Enix chose to shut down and start over. Three years later, “Final Fantasy XIV: A New World Reborn” was released, which quickly became very popular.

Are you playing “Final Fantasy XIV”? Have you had problems in recent weeks?