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Klimatböcker 2021: Här är tio guldkorn

Climate Books 2021: Here are ten golden nuggets

Cop 26 in Scotland has been one of the events that has put climate back on the agenda over the past year. In addition, a large number of books have been published on the topic of climate. We suggest ten good climate books.

The climate crisis has been in focus over the past year, according to countries Supermiljöbloggen, which describes itself as “independently environmentally friendly”.

Anders Hellberg, who has self-published “Greta Thunberg: Your Silence Is Almost the Worst,” runs the environment-oriented website Bokdjuret and is involved in ten Yellow Grains as of 2021.

He thinks it was a great year for climate literature:

“It is as if environmental and climate issues are beginning to emerge in all possible contexts. In other words, not only in purely realistic books in the field, but also in, for example, detective stories, fiction, biographies, children’s and young people’s books , cookbooks, and garden books,” he tells Supermiljöbloggen.

Anders Helberg’s list of the ten best climate books for 2021:

Good day (Wheeler), composed by Thomas Bannerhead

Greta’s Journey (Publisher of the book Polaris) by Alexandra Jorisman Otto and Roger Turrison

The meaning of the country: My Way to Earthly Life (Ordfront Publisher), by David Gunstad

On Nature’s Shoulders: How Ten Million Species Saved Your Life (Volante), by Anne Sverdrup-Thijson

The Climate Game – Who Can You Trust the Climate Debate? (Roos & Tegnér), by Mathis Nelson

In the shadow of the man (Free Thought) by Jane Goodall – a new edition of the book published in 1971

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Diary of a little nature lover (Alphabeta), by Dara McNulty

This is how we change everything! A guide for a young man who wants to protect the planet and his fellow human beings (Ordfront Publishing), by Naomi Klein and Rebecca Stefoff

The nature we inherited – an ecological journey from calm spring to hot summer Norstedts, Henrik Eckmann

quiet spring (Volante), Rachel Carson – New edition of the book published in 1962

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