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Fimpec recruits Leif Hedlund for operations in Norland

Fimpec recruits Leif Hedlund for operations in Norland

Energy consulting firm Fimpec has appointed Leif Hedlund of Luleå to the role of Fimpec in Norrland with a place on the management team. Lev is a civil engineer with extensive experience in managing technology operations. Recently, it came from the technology consulting firm Venn. Prior to Finn, he worked for, among other things, technology consultant Cowi and transportation solutions company VR Track.

Leif will be responsible for Fimpec’s investment in Norrland and at the same time he will be a member of the Fimpec Sweden management group. His duties will revolve around tackling concrete projects in his field, but also the mission around new technical opportunities and exploring new employees and potential companies to merge with.

– I said yes immediately when asked. The Fimpec investment is to me one of the most interesting things happening in this space right now. It’s a huge investment on the part of Fimpec that it has become a part of. Also fun with investing in Norland. In Luleå, where I am, we are used to deftly cooperating with Finnish colleagues. I especially think that their ideas on EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) will be a big hit with us too, says Leif Hedlund, Team Leader Norland, Vembek Sweden.

Leif has been involved for a long time and has a strong background, great experience and network in Norland and also has extensive experience working with his Finnish colleagues. We are very pleased to have Leif on board, who can pull the load on the Norrland project. With Leif on the management team, the future looks brighter, says Anders Hallgren, CEO of Fimpec AB.

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