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Film review: a fun game with prejudices in the star-studded The Prom

Film review: a fun game with prejudices in the star-studded The Prom

Musical about one A gang of self-absorbed Broadway stars in game dekis who, just to have good public relations, deal with homophobia are hysterically hilarious. The dialogue is snappy and intelligent, the lyrics are fun like a good episode of Saturday Night Live and Meryl Streep uses sequins to record her completely, both in terms of vocals and acting.
Yes, for the first hour of the party I laugh even my stomach is bouncing. Narcissistic East Coast celebrities mistakenly find the quintessential “celebrity affair” in Indiana 17-year-old Emma who has been turned down to go to prom with her friend. Without a plan or invitation, they rush to a home and school meeting, scolding fanatical parents with singing and dancing.

Meryl Streps Diva DeeDee sjunger: Listen, fanatical monsters / Just who do you think you are? / Your Prejudice and Suppression / This Broadway Star Wouldn’t Get Overdone / Stealing Girl’s Rights / Who’s a LGBT Teen / I was so pissed off searching on Google for what these letters mean ..

Yes, the same is not overly cautious, the most important thing is good publicity. But then it turns out that the music stars have as much to learn from the “conservative lantis” in Indiana as they can preach about openness and tolerance. Somewhere in here, the crunchy, gin-wetted tone is trending pastel in high school and starting to look like a decent episode of (Ryan Murphy’s musical series) Glee. It’s not completely bad or boring, but the silent laugh is silent.

Now that’s enough It’s almost impossible for a semi-satirical Swedish film critic to truly understand how important American School Balls are, and that they are so important that they can be the engine of an entire movie. But, even if you buy that school dances can be compared to … a June wedding or a successful Midsummer Evening (?), The prom loses its sense of humor and speed of direction at its second hour. Streep, Corden, and Kidman can no longer indulge undisturbed in their awesome self-preoccupation because then they’ll shop for dresses, suspicion, and dialogue values ​​and finally burst into balloons and non-alcoholic fires.

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Eileen Bellman plays Emma with Pollyanna’s integrity and attitude. And she has a satanic poop, of course. Reality’s Emma is by the way Constance Macmillen and he refused to go to prom with a female date in Mississippi in 2010.

Someone has it It’s really fun with the script and is played wildly with musical prejudices and cliches. It’s very unfortunate that Murphy, Martin, and Begoline have not seen movies like But I’m a Fan and Pitch Perfect anymore to keep salty even when the ball itself begins to seize it. Unfortunately, the word texture decreases with increasing softness and decreasing average life.
I am convinced that it was possible to create a black joke and at the same time tell something important.

The concert premieres on Netflix on December 11th.